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Test your hearing

Withing a couple of minutes you can test your hearing and see if you have good hearing. As soon as you think you hear a noise click the button icon. During this test the noises will change in volume.

Track your hearing

Keep track of your hearing from your first test and feel reassured if it remains stable over time. This will allow you to confirm your hearing hasn't changed sice your concert, sporting event, firework show or last visit to the audiologist. You can also double check your hearing aids to make sure that they keep working correctly over time.

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Compare with Friends

Our hearing test app allows you to compare your hearing with family and friends, and determinate who can detect the highest frequencies. Show them that you don't have a hearing problem but that you just have improved selective hearing.

No equipment required

Feel free use the headphones that came with your phone or ones you've acquired, either way we will check your hearing for both ears. With your headphones listen to our audio file to calibrate your headphones. If you wear hearing aids, it is recommended that you remove them during testing.

Take the Test!

It's asier than purchasing movie tickets on your phone and probably faster. By registering with your email and calibrating the app, you'll be able to test your hearing and get your results in a quick and safe manner.

How it Works

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Need a Professional Hearing Test?

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